Use the CSCPay Mobile app to manage and pay for your laundry with ease right from your phone.

What is CSCPay Mobile?

CSCPay Mobile provides the easiest and smartest complete laundry solution. This app allows you to manage and pay for laundry cycles in your laundry room on your phone with no cash or cards required.

How Does it Work?

Laundry rooms equipped with CSCPay Mobile technology enable customers to make payments and start laundry cycles within the room via Bluetooth and check availability of washers and dryers and manage account funds and transaction over the internet.

Try It For Free

Create an account and try a free wash and dry in your laundry room - no credit card required.

Love this app! I never have to worry about quarters again. I appreciate how it notifies me when each cycle is complete. No more playing the guessing game. Very satisfied!

Carmen Z.
Google Play Store


Loving not having to take more minutes out of my day to run to the store and “maybe” get quarters to do the laundry! This makes it more convenient and saves time and trouble!

Irene G.
Apple App Store


Who Can Use It?

Anybody living in a building or apartment equipped with CSCPay Mobile technology. You may already be eligible!

How Do I Know?

Look for CSCPay Mobile signage and scan codes in your laundry room. If you are still unsure you can ask your landlord or property manager.

How Do I Get It?

Download the app for free in the
App Store (iOS) or in the Google Play Store (Android)